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Westwood Elementary School 2010

WHEN: March 18, 2010 @ 9:00PM
Westwood School - Elk River
13651 4th Avenue S
Zimmerman, MN, 55398
United States

About the Event:

Website: wes.elkriver.k12.mn.us/westwood.cfm
Principal: Gary Bachman
gary.backman@elkriver.k12.mn.us, 763-274-3180
Site Coordinator: Mary Blattner
mary.blattner@elkriver.k12.mn.us, 763-274-3180, x5917

Schedule of Events:

2006 Elder Procession
2010 Elder Procession: Larry Long

Tell The Truth and Never Lie
Honoring Ernie Goldenman
Featuring Mrs. Annen’s and Mrs. Knettel’s 4th Grade Class

Life Is Filled With Hardship & Struggle
Honoring Debra Lehmkuhl
Featuring Mrs. Brower’s 4th Grade Class

He Works! He Works!
Honoring Danny Chen
Featuring Mrs. Blattner’s 4th Grade Class

Just Do The Right Thing
Honoring Carol Bray
Featuring Mr. Heikkenen and Mr. Souther’s 4th Grade Class


Danny Chen
Danny Chen, Fuzhou, China
Carol Bray
Carol Bray, Princeton, Minnesota, United States
Debra Lehmkuhl
Debra Lehmkuhl, Wayzata, Minnesota, United States