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Wilshire Elementary Celebration Day 2008

WHEN: March 6, 2008 @ 9:00PM
Wilshire Park Elementary
3600 Highcrest Road Northeast
St. Anthony, MN, 55418
United States

About the Event:

Main Phone : 612-706-1200

Schedule of Events:

Welcoming: Wayne Terry, Dean of Students

St. Anthony Village High School Chamber Choir
Directed by Michael Shafer

Elder Procession: Larry Long

Do The Best You Can
Honoring Howard Hoganson
Gail Beall’s 3rd Grade Class

Betty, Betty Toy
Honoring Betty Toy
Carol Gordon’s 3rd Grade Class

Praise, Praise, Praise
Honoring Jed Hamoud
Sue Haugerud’s 3rd Grade Class

I’ve Traveled The Whole Wide World Around
Honoring Bill Sauer
Andrea Wyatt’s 3rd Grade Class
Elder Interviews : December 13, 20
Residency : January 7,8,9,23
Rehearsal : March 5

Betty Toy
Betty Toy

Chinese Immigrant and School Volunteer

Canton, China
Jed Hamoud
Jed Hamoud

Bedouin Immigrant and IT Specialist

Bill Sauer
Bill Sauer

Business Owner and World Traveller

Spooner, Wisconsin, United States
Howard Hoganson
Howard Hoganson

WWII Veteran and Bridge Builder Volunteer

Perley, Minnesota, United States