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North Park Celebration Day 2008

WHEN: April 21, 2008 @ 4:00PM
North Park Elementary School
5575 Fillmore Street NE
Fridley, MN, 55432
United States

About the Event:

In partnership with the West Metro Education Program (WMEP)

Main Phone : (763) 528-4305

Schedule of Events:

Elder Procession
Honoring Raj Chaudhary
Have Faith In Your Family
Honoring Pat Curtain
Once Upon a Time
Honoring Leo Lara
Nueva Cancion

Elder Interviews
January 24, 25

January 30, 31
February 1, 14,15,18

Leo Lara
Leo Lara

Ecuadorian-born musician who grew up on a sugar plantation for African descendants.

Cuajara, Ecuador