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George Marks

George Marks

St. Anthony Village resident and City Council Member

Born: St. Anthony, MN, United States
Heritage: European American

Keep in mind what you can do to help improve your community when you get bigger. You’ll have a chance to make a difference.

George Marks

St. Anthony Village resident and City Council Member

My name is George Marks. I was born on March 29, 1934. My father was in seminary to become a minister. I also had a sister named, Ellen.

When I was young we lived near the railroad tracks where we watched the trains carry iron ore to the steel mills. I remember a steam locomotive stopping once and giving me and my dad a ride. It was a hot and noisy ride but I never forgot it!

When I was in second grade I remember a lot of the stores being closed down. This was when I saw a jet flying overhead for the first time. There were bells ringing all over town. This meant that the Second World War was over!

I enjoyed hiking, camping, and ice-skating. I decided I wanted to become a physicist, so I went to college in Madison, Wisconsin. I also joined the Army Reserves and became a First Sergeant.

I went to graduate school at the University of Minnesota and worked in the Physics department. I made equipment to do research on hearts. This was where I met my wife. She was a nurse.

We’ve lived in St. Anthony for 36 years. We raised our three children here and they all went to St. Anthony-New Brighton schools. My son and I enjoy working on restoring steam locomotives together. He became a fireman. Now we have two grandkids.

I was with the city council of St. Anthony for 20 years. I helped with city planning and development. I enjoyed helping to plan the redevelopment of Apache Plaza. I was fortunate to travel to our sister city, Salo, Finland.

I’ve enjoyed many jobs in my life. I was an instructor for ten years. I worked for the Sperry Corporation for 20 years. I had a video studio, where we produced training materials. I also like flying sail planes and going mountain climbing.

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To Start Each Day With A Smile

Honoring George Marks

To Start Each Day With A Smile

To find out the strengths inside
Is to work and always try
To study hard
To laugh awhile
To start each day
With a smile

I grew up not far from the railroad tracks
And one time with my Dad walking back
A steam engine came along, asked us to hop on
To a steam locomotive, imagine that

Loaded down with iron ore
From the trains to the ships on Superiore
To those steel mills, to those factories that build
Tanks and planes in the second world war

As a kid on the ice played crack the whip
When my skates hit a crack and I flipped
Into a pile of snow
Where I sank way down low
Knocked me out, stone cold, when my head hit

One winter went camping far from home
We woke up, the water pail froze
Tried to make pancakes
But one side wouldn’t bake
But we were having fun
That’s how it goes

Went to college decided to become
A physicist
It was kind of fun,
At a food co-op
Washed dishes a lot
Eating for free until college was done.

To graduate school in the Army Reserves
Where I worked on heart research
Then out of the blue I’m telling you
I fell in love with a hospital nurse

We got married and had three kids
In St. Anthony Village we live
Where I work with my wife
To build a good life
Keep in mind what you can do
When you get big

To improve this community
To become all that you can be
From City Council to sailplanes
To steam engine trains
All through life
This one thing I believe!

Words & music by Larry Long with Lisa Cartwright’s 3rd Grade Class of Wilshire Park Elementary School
St. Anthony Village, Minnesota

© Larry Long 2009 / BMI