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Antoine Berryman

Antoine Berryman

Agent Berryman is the officer in charge of all of the Safety Patrols in Minneapolis. He has had a lot of experience in law enforcement and business.

Born: Randolph, MA, United States
Heritage: African American

Make sure you do your homework. Pay attention and do well in school. Make good choices and show that you are kind and noble. Go that extra mile to show you care. If you see another child being mistreated, step up to the plate and make that bully stop. Show them that it is wrong. Help them make good choices.

Antoine Berryman

Agent Berryman is the officer in charge of all of the Safety Patrols in Minneapolis. He has had a lot of experience in law enforcement and business.

Good Morning, my name is Antoine Berryman. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts in a place called Randolph. I went to school in Randolph and played sports while I was there.

I also was in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Later I was in something called Sea Scouts, which are like sea explorers. Growing up I worked out on Miles Standish Reservation, which is a Boy Scout camp. I rose to the rank of Life Scout and was part of the Order of the Arrow. We learned a lot about self-discipline and how to be obedient.

I went to college in New England. Then I was in the Army and served in Vietnam. After I got out of the army, I went into business for myself and owned a pub. I had that business for six years and was married during that time. I also had 4 kids, and then decided to sell the business. After that I went back into the service. I worked my way into active duty again and participated in Operation Desert Storm.

I had my degree in law enforcement, and was in the military police. I loved what I was doing. Near the end of my career, I taught Army Junior ROTC on an Indian Reservation in South Dakota. I taught boys and girl self discipline and how to be good leaders.

I feel good about helping people out. I’m a Christian, and believe I can be a testimony to others about how God has helped me work with people in times of need. I believe it’s important to be a good listener. I always call myself the Peacemaker.

Now I’m with the Police Department and have been for nine years. My main focus is the community. Four years ago I started working with the Minneapolis School District in the Safety Patrol Program. I am also part of a program called PALS – Police AthIetic League -- which is for kids. I love working with the kids!


You Got to Walk That Extra Mile

Honoring Antoine Berryman

You Got To Walk That Extra Mile
Honoring Agent Antoine Berryman

You got to walk that extra mile
Show them right from wrong
Take them under your wing
Nurture them until they’re strong
Everybody needs to feel like they belong

Good Morning Boys and Girls
Everybody’s doing good, okay?
I’m Agent Berryman
Sure glad to be with you today
I love you children
You know I do
Do unto others
As you would have them do
Unto you … Unto you
I like serving people
Helping people in need
Be it law enforcement
Or the military
It’s my nature
To work things out
There’s no need to scream and shout
To be a Peacemaker
Is what I’m all about


If you see someone mistreated
Make that bully stop.
Step up to the plate
And do your part
To be a good leader
Be noble and kind
Be willing to listen
With an open mind
Working side by side ... side by side

From a life scout
To the Order of the Arrow it’s true
We need self-discipline in life
To make it through
Be it going to college
To get a degree
Operation Desert Storm
In the Army
Or helping kids
Through the Police Athletic League

It’s up to you and me
It’s up to you and me
To help from school to home
To help from school to home
Safety Patrol
Safety Patrol

Music by Larry Long. Words by Larry Long with Patricia Kremer’s 4th Grade Class, Hiawatha Elementary School.

© Larry Long Publishing 2013 / BMI