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Tom Keith

St. Anthony Village High School Principal

Born: Cudahy, WI, United States
Heritage: European American

Leo Lara

Ecuadorian-born musician who grew up on a sugar plantation for African descendants.

Born: Cuajara, Ecuador
Heritage: African / Ecuadorian

Ralph Peralez

An Organizational Psychologist and storyteller who grew up in Pompey’s Pillar, Montana.

Born: Pompey’s Pillar, MT, United States
Heritage: Mexican

Johnny (Way-sa-quo-nabe) Smith

Anishinabe Ojibwa Instructor and Keeper of the Drum

Born: Red Lake, MN, United States
Heritage: Ojibwa
Songbook: View PDF

Olivia Vital

Musician and Teacher's Assistant at Valley View

Born: Mexico City, Mexico
Heritage: Mexican
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