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Geneti Kumsa

Born: 1967

An Ethiopian pharmacist who immigrated to the United States and now works for Minneapolis Public Schools

Eleanora "Ana" Cananda

Born: 1931

Survivor of the Civil War in El Salvador

Thu Van Nguyen

Born: 1946

South Vietnamese Veteran and Reeducation Camp Survivor

Valerie Valme

Born: 1951

Jamaican Fashion Designer & Salesperson

Khoua Xiong

Born: 1975

Hmong Teen Immigrant from the Vietnam War in Laos

Maggie Proft

Born: 1962

Hairstylist and New Citizen from Tijuana, Mexico

Kamala Puram

Born: 1956

Women’s Mentor & Businesswoman

Shrin Murthy

Born: 1950

Vice President for Administrative Services, Dairy Queen & Hindu from India

Koffi Mbairamadji

Born: 1949

African Storyteller and Author from Chad

Patricia Sequeira

Born: 1949

Teacher & New US Citizen

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