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Oscar Reed

Born: 1943

Former professional American football player who played running back for eight seasons for the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota mentoring youth in public schools.

Valerie Tran

Born: 1968

Vietnamese refugee "boat person", University of MN social psychology graduate, Program Director of Vietnamese social services program in St. Paul, MN

Jai Ramnarine

Born: 1958

Hindu Immigrant, Civil Engineer and Auditor

Connie Morgan

Born: 1951

Teacher and Missionary Who Grew Up in Africa

Carrie D’Andrea

Born: 1940

Therapist, Teacher and Daughter of Well-known Research Scientist

Paul Besseck

Born: 1967

Cameroon-Born Firefighter and Father

Howard Hoganson

Born: 1922

WWII Veteran and Bridge Builder Volunteer

Jed Hamoud

Born: 1949

Bedouin Immigrant and IT Specialist

Abdivizak Mohamud

Born: 1963

Recent St Louis Park resident from Somalia

Roland Larson

Born: 1920

Eden Prairie Resident and World War II Veteran

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