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Freedom, Oh Freedom (2008)

Be Kind to All That Live (from Don't Stand Still)


Richfield Middle School Celebration 2008

The Sky, The Earth, The Ocean

Ole, Ole Skratthult

In Those Days When I Was Young

Be Kind to All That Live

The Drum Is the Center

To Live the Life of Their Dreams

These Times We're Living In Now

Save Our History!

Give to the Max Day 2015: Give to the Max Day 2015


My heartfelt thanks to Larry Long and all the voices from which our history continues to generate encouragement, enthusiasm and wisdom.

Arlo Guthrie, Songwriter, Son of Woody Guthrie

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During 2016, it is a primary program of Community Celebration of Place to transfer their collection into archives that will be open to the public for generations to come.

Popular "Prairie Home Companion" Guitarist and Songwriter Pat Donohue and Gospel Singer Tonia Hughes Join Larry Long and Robert Robinson at The Dakota For Two Shows November 20

In celebration of Give to the Max Day 2015, Larry Long will be performing songs written in honor of elders with community members. Larry’s performance will capture the many cultures of Minnesota. All proceeds from his performance will go to Community Celebration of Place.