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FAIR School Downtown Holidazzle Celebration

Sanford Middle School Celebration 2009

Student Questions and Words of Advice

Student Questions - Buddhist Traditions / Camp Life

Student Questions - Leaving Home / Kids in Camp

Student Questions - Camp Life / Religion

Life in a California Internment Camp

Japanese-Americans During World War II

Introduction (Helen Tsuchiya)


I had the most awesome musical experience of my life—when I heard the fourth grade children at Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion school sing “Your Song” honoring our Elders! One of the elders was my son John. WHAT A SONG!

Thank You, Jack Tschida

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News & Events

The entire American Roots Revue Five-City Legacy Summer Tour ensemble is reuniting to perform at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis on September 14, 2014!

Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center will host a community celebration honoring Dr. Josie R Johnson on Friday, May 23, 2014. Students will be performing a song in honor of Dr. Josie R. Johnson entitled Listen To Each Other Now.

Community Celebration of Place will be producing an American Roots Revue tour in five greater Minnesota communities, focusing on forgotten populations and audiences.