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Angel Gonzales

Angel Gonzales

Born: Mexico
Heritage: Mexican

Work, Work, Work

Honoring Angel Gonzales

Work, Work, Work
(Honoring Angel Gonzales)

Get up at dawn
Dig in the dirt
Three words to life,
“Work, work, work!”

Started working when I started to walk
Started working since before I could talk
Top of a horse pulling the plow
Cracking the whip
to make him plow the ground

From the time I was born
We grew peanuts, grain, and corn
Seventy-eight hectares of land
We made the best of what we had

Met my wife at ten years old
At Catholic Church down in Mexico
At twenty-one she became my wife
She’s the love of my life

Killed a cow on our wedding day
A Mariachi band played
Hundreds of people, family, and friends
It was a shame to see that day end

The scorpions get real big
In Mexico where I lived
When my son was five years young
He nearly died from a scorpion

Harvest time get up at three
Picking corn - Dad and me
Walked to school, walked home to eat
At the end of the day I had sore feet

When I was young I wanted to go
Where food is fast far from home
Where mother cooked her food slow
Down in the heart of Mexico

Enchiladas, frijoles, and rice
For mother’s cooking
I would give my life
Instead I live in the land of snow
Where everybody is on the go

Music by Larry Long. Words by Larry Long with Mrs. Steele’s 4th Grade Class, Otsego Elementary School, Elk River, Minnesota

© Larry Long 2006 / BMI